Measuring Engagement Series

This post is an index for the Measuring Engagement series.  The following posts were written sequentially but appear on the blog in reverse chronological order which makes a hell of a mess of trying to understand a somewhat complicated topic.  So instead, try reading them sequentially using this index:

Recency Defines Engagement

Jonesin’ for Some ROI

Recency Defines Engagement: Campaigns

Recency Defines Engagement: Visitors

Recency Defines Engagement: Customers

Book: Managing Customers as Investments

This material is about the Tactical measurement of Engagement and dis-Engagement.  If you’re interested in a Strategic framework for applying these measurements, see A Framework for Engagement.

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  1. [...] Jim Novo makes a potent case for using visitor recency to measure engagement and how to leverage it. If you can collect information relative to the history of each specific user, and the recency of their visits, his approach can send your ROI skyrocketing. [...]

  2. [...] Jim Novo’s clickable index on Measuring Engagement series of posts [...]

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