Marketing Bands Series

This series of posts provides a detailed example of what Marketing looks like when it is Optimized for Productivity across the Customer LifeCycle. The core idea is to follow the AIDAS behavioral model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction) and optimize your marketing approach for each step of the model.

These steps are referred to as “Marketing Bands” in these posts, which also correspond to stages in the Customer LifeCycle.

After nearly a decade of testing through this model, HSN arrived at a place where each dollar of marketing spend yielded the highest profitability to the company measured over the longer run.  Many of the examples here pertain directly to web marketing, and specific examples are provided.

Your Segment or Mine?

Online Marketing Bands

Optimizing Marketing Bands 1 & 2

Optimizing the Interface (Band 3)

Optimizing General Communication (Band 4)

Peak Engagement (Band 5)

Optimizing End of LifeCycle (Bands 6 – 8)

Marketing Bands: the Numbers