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Marketing Productivity Series: Customer Marketing

Reducing costs is one way to get ROI from a Marketing and / or Service system; it’s also probably the simplest way.  But the more profitable, highest ROI way to get payout on these systems is to increase the value of customers by keeping them as active, engaged customers for a longer time.  Longer time? 

That’s where the disagreements usually start.  People get bogged down in LifeTime Value and other arcane stuff and before you know it, once again, nothing will be done about customer retention this year. So let’s change that!  The following is a simple “how to” on making your customer marketing much more productive (and profitable) using simple customer models anyone can create.

Part 1: Attrition and Retention

Part 2: Proving the Business Case – Simply!

Part 3: Spreading the Average

Part 4: Setting the Tripwires

Part 5: Repeatability and Consistency

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All of this is explained in more detail in the Drilling Down Book.

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