Desirability Series

Forrester’s Marketing Forum this year covered Engagement, but not the kind of Engagement so often discussed in web analytics.  Nope, Engagement from a Marketing perspective, you know, surprise and delight leads to great customer experiences leads to better retention of customers and higher profits.

The first post includes links to the two keynotes at the conference.  I’ve spent a decent amount of time speaking with Brian Haven at Forrester about measuring and acting on Engagement from a Marketing perspective.  Brian puts forth a Strategic model and Kerry talks about Desirability – that which creates Engagement.  The next six posts outline a framework for understanding, measuring, and acting on the Desirability / Engagement model yourself.

Want Engagement?  Get Desirability

The Desire in Desirability

Desirability, Satisfaction

Engagement Defined (for Marketing)

Push, then Pull

Measuring Desirability

Acting on Desirability