Measuring Engagement Series

With all the tittering in the advertising space about Measuring Engagement, I thought it might be useful to lay out how customer marketing and some digital analytics folks have been Measuring Engagement for quite some time now.

We take a trip through the metrics and then looking at Measuring Engagement for Campaigns, Visitors, and Customers.  There’s also a link to a book that makes a great companion to my book if you are interested in more of a “CFO view” of the same issues.

Jonesin’ for Some ROI

Recency Defines Engagement: Campaigns

Recency Defines Engagement: Visitors

Recency Defines Engagement: Customers

Book: Managing Customers as Investments

This material is about the Tactical measurement of Engagement and dis-Engagement.  If you’re interested in a Strategic framework for applying these measurements, see A Framework for Engagement.