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Jim Novo is an interactive customer retention, defection, and loyalty expert with nearly 25 years of experience generating exceptional returns on customer marketing program investments. The average 90-day ROI of Jim’s programs now stands at just over 70%, with many reaching ROI of over 400%. He authored the book, Drilling Down: Turning Customer Data into Profits with a Spreadsheet to teach managers how to increase sales while lowering marketing costs.

Jim is co-author of The Marketer’s Common Sense Guide to e-Metrics with Bryan Eisenberg and Managing Director of Education for the Digital Analytics Association, serving as the Lead Instructor on the development of the DAA’s Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics available online from the University of British Columbia.

His professional career has been focused on introducing Data-Driven marketing to new industries. In the 80’s, cable television was the target and his ground-breaking High ROI  customer retention programs were widely adopted throughout the industry.  In the 90’s, Jim revolutionized the TV Shopping business by focusing resources on the customer instead of the products. For the 00’s, the Internet lies squarely in Jim’s sights. The innovative yet simple customer analysis techniques found in the Drilling Down book put two decades of High ROI Customer Relationship Management experience in the hands of today’s interactive marketers.

At The Home Shopping Network, Jim Novo witnessed the entire business cycle of a hyper-growth interactive retailer. After the land-grab customer acquisition phase, he directed the critical transition to customer retention and credit marketing activities across the television, catalog, and Internet divisions. As Vice President of Programming & Marketing during the slowdown to the mature phase, Jim handled the integration of customer communications and marketing across all the distribution channels, creating a “cradle-to-grave” customer path from Television to Internet to Catalog, greatly extending customer LifeTime Value.

These lessons are proving valuable in understanding Internet activities, as the consumer behavior is similar, though more exaggerated.? Please consider joining Listrak, Pfizer, Ingram Industries Inc., Silver Dollar City, The Oriental Institute, Morrison Homes, Ontain, MBNA, Barnes and Noble, Verizon, CBS Sportsline, Tupperware and a host of smaller companies and nonprofits who have successfully Turned Customer Data into Profits.

Jim Novo is an MBA Graduate of Babson College, a school known for a focus on entrepreneurial activity.  He majored in Economics and Psychology as an undergraduate at Dartmouth College.

[ Please note: I’m now basically retired and not taking any new consulting gigs. But I would be glad to answer any questions who might have about the content of this site, the Drilling Down book, or any customer marketing questions you may have ! ]

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