See Ya @ eMetrics

I’ll be speaking at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit on Wednesday, October 22 at 1 PM after lunch with the Summit Advisory Council.  How is it that I get scheduled in that “after Council” speaking slot every year?  Jim Sterne must not want me hanging with the Council too long…

I’ll be speaking about LifeCycle analysis and providing “how to act on the analysis” for the Marketing side.  If you are being asked to cut back Marketing budgets, LifeCycle analysis is a great way to understand the Financial ramifications of Marketing budget cuts and start getting Predictive.

Coming in on Tuesday so will miss the WAA event on Sunday for the first time.  On the flip side, I will be there through Friday afternoon ’cause I am presenting at the WAA Board meeting. 

So, for the first time since probably 2004, I will actually be there when the shindig closes.

Who’s doing what Thursday night?

2 thoughts on “See Ya @ eMetrics

  1. Not really, but the amount of WAA activity was so large I only got to 2 sessions, so what would I know?

    The session was absolutely fantastic, awesome example of what it looks like when you get a real Analytical Culture at work. They linked customer comments / complaints directly to TeaLeaf session playbacks and e-mailed this package to the VP responsible for the issue the customer brought forth. That would be pretty remarkable by itself.

    But then, using a cross-functional team, they found true root cause and corrected the problem, sometimes within hours, no matter “who” was at fault – IT, customer service, marketing, product, fulfillment. Fantastic. Failure as a learning experience, not something to whack people with.

    Not that I didn’t learn anything, the lobby bar was absolutely packed every night until the wee hours and a lot of learning was going on there!

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