eMetrics Summit

Man, that was one marathon of a conference.

Not the conference itself really, but all the associated WAA business that gets conducted there makes it a double-overload kind of situation.  When I’m not is a session, I’m in a meeting of some kind, all day, every day.  Gruesome.  I’m still in San Fran reviewing some related analytical education opportunities…

I’m sure the other WA blogs have covered anything of significance that happened at the Summit – don’t know for sure though, have not had time to read any of them.

Anyway, the most significant thing going on there in my mind was the hard core  interest IT folks now have in the business side.  It was stunning – a pure geekfest just a few years ago, you now have a lot of these same folks attending and digging sessions on Marketing Strategy.  A real win on the analytical culture issue, methinks.

More later – another damn dinner to go to (just kidding Eric!)


3 thoughts on “eMetrics Summit

  1. Hi Jim,

    It was good to meet you and I hope you’ll have time at some point to relax after your Emetricsathon! Interesting shirts by the way.

    Related to hard core interest IT folks now have in the business side, me think it facilitates things and welcome the evolution. It’s not wide spread as I still see from little Europe a lot of conflict between business and IT but indeed, IT folks are making the effort to look beyond their basic responsabilities in order to build for the future.
    Not always easy but as long as there’s dialogue and good faith, there’s hope.

    Keep me posted on your throughts about the different events,

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