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See Ya @ eMetrics

I’ll be speaking at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit on Wednesday, October 22 at 1 PM after lunch with the Summit Advisory Council.  How is it that I get scheduled in that “after Council” speaking slot every year?  Jim Sterne must not want me hanging with the Council too long…

I’ll be speaking about LifeCycle analysis and providing “how to act on the analysis” for the Marketing side.  If you are being asked to cut back Marketing budgets, LifeCycle analysis is a great way to understand the Financial ramifications of Marketing budget cuts and start getting Predictive.

Coming in on Tuesday so will miss the WAA event on Sunday for the first time.  On the flip side, I will be there through Friday afternoon ’cause I am presenting at the WAA Board meeting. 

So, for the first time since probably 2004, I will actually be there when the shindig closes.

Who’s doing what Thursday night?

Feed Advertising Sucks Too

As much, or perhaps more, than the rest of Display.

I mean, here’s a chance to get it right. 

You know who the audience is what the context is of readers on a feed.  But no, once again, the brilliant Social engineers go for Quantity, not Quality, which is the mistake the Web has been making since “Hits”.  Quantity only makes sense if you can get Weight from the media, and the web has no Weight.

Here I am, reading the feed for the Freakonomics blog, and I get a dating ad (click to enlarge):


The Freakonomics blog would be a great advertising environment for so many products, whether you are in the Direct camp or the Brand camp.  But instead, we’re just going to Repeat the Past.


Broken Online Model Endcap

I’m going to leave the Requirements / Model issue to simmer for a while; thanks for all your help exploring it.  I get the feeling people might want to connect with more practical ideas right now and not take on the windmills of the Tech / Marketing Interface.

So I’ll wrap up with a few relevant links to what others have recently said about this model / requirements problem.

Facebook COO

Yesterday, Ad Age tells us that Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said this:

“Google and its competitors have made answering demands for information very profitable by selling ads attached to search requests, or demand fulfillment, Ms. Sandberg a former Google executive herself, noted.  “What no one’s figured out how to do is demand generation,” she said.  “We need to find a new model and new metrics,” she added.

It’s the Serendipity problem, right?  You can’t Search for what you don’t know about already?

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