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The Education Committee of the Web Analytics Association is pleased to present the Knowledge Required for Certification document to the Web Analytics community for comment.  This document contains a detailed overview of what a candidate should know and be able to do to pass the Web Analytics Association Certification Test:

Knowledge Required for Certification Page

The document is available as a 37 page PDF or you can view it online as a series of web pages organized around core topics:

Site Optimization
Marketing Optimization
Analytical Business Culture

Feedback on this doc is welcomed on the WAA Blog post for the document; you do not have to be a WAA member to leave a comment.  An overview of the Certification Test project and projected timeline info are provided here.

We’re hoping to do a trial run of the Certification Test at the eMetrics Optimization Summit this fall in DC to uncover problems and issues, with actual testing to begin some time in 2009.

Many thanks to the more than 60 WAA member volunteers who worked on the various projects that have resulted in this document, including the development of the WAA / UBC Courses.  You don’t have to take the Courses to sit for the Certification Test, but all the Knowledge Required to pass the Certification Test is covered in the 4 WAA / UBC Courses.

Any comments or questions about the document itself (what is or is not included, for example) or the WAA Certification in general should be posted to the WAA blog rather than here.

Frankly, I’m relieved this document has finally been published!

4 thoughts on “WAA Certified Web Analyst

  1. Hi Jim,

    I think this document is a great project and I can imagine how hard you (and all the volunteers) have worked to publish it. I think it will add professionalism to the Web Analytics field.

    When I first heard of it I was very glad that we (the WAA) took this initiative; many people are in the industry for a long time but might not have the time to take the courses.

    Thank you very much for your work, I really feel that by helping the WAA you are helping every single person that works in the field. looking forward to reading the document, taking the test and sending some feedback.

  2. Thanks Daniel!

    Two questions that come up all the time:

    What exactly is taught in the courses?

    What will I have to know to pass the Certification Test?

    This document answers both those questions. If you have a lot of experience, and want to take the Certification Test but have not taken the Courses, you can use this document to verify you possess all the knowledge needed to pass the Certification Test.

    As you can see, the Courses and Certification Test are primarily about the business side of being a web analyst. The technical side – both training and certification – is available from the tool vendors.

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