They’ve Ruined Wednesdays

Every time one of these reports on e-mail productivity gets published, the new “best day” – Wednesday in the latest report – becomes the day you should avoid dropping e-mail. 

Think about it.

If you are a subscriber to my monthly e-mail newsletter, you may have noticed I drop it just before the end of the month. 

Same logic.

I’d go Tuesday or Thursday.

3 thoughts on “They’ve Ruined Wednesdays

  1. I found it fascinating that there was no “+/- 3%” error factor or similar. That would do wonders for the numbers presented and the relevancy thereof. ;-)

    Let alone what different groups do. Folk @ work; Folk @ home etc etc etc.

    And I do love your ironic final logic Jim. :-)

    – Steve

  2. Hi Steve – The lack of a margin of error in many web studies is indeed an ongoing problem, as is the non-disclosure of population composition…

    Oh well, we do what we can…

    All I know is when “everybody” wants to drop e-mail on Weds because it’s the “most productive” day, I don’t want to drop mine on that day.

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