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Marketing Bands: the Numbers

(A post by post index of this Marketing Bands Series is here.)

Just wanted to add a quick piece about the results of Optimizing the Bands (see Band Model) – this is the Marketing Productivity Blog after all!  Thanks Moe for the reminder

As we Optimized, there were changes in budget allocation by Band, and as a result there was an increase in Net Customer Value – the goal of the Optimization program in the first place.  For those of you not following the whole story, the budget remained constant, we simply allocated it to the highest and best use through testing.

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Optimizing End of LifeCycle (Bands 6 – 8)

In the Band 5 Optimization for HSN, we looked for high ROMI special situations in the database.  This is really classic database marketing stuff, you’re looking for segments, and you’re looking for ways to Optimize those segments.  You could spend the rest of a career doing this kind of thing; there are always new segments like FIPS being revealed if you have an active analytical staff.

There were other programs in Band 5 based primarily on product-related transition phases in the LifeCycle; I won’t go into these here.  If you are interested in these ideas, I wrote one detailed example, which combines Customer Experience Management / Band 3 – Customer Comment Analysis / Math / Product / Marketing right here.

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Peak Engagement (Band 5)

Optimizing Individual Communications

Where the Band 4 Optimization optimizes general communications like newsletters, the Band 5 Optimization is all about hyper-targeted communications to individuals.  We’re talking mostly about special circumstance stuff here, more exotic ideas that may actually fall outside what you might traditionally think of as “Marketing”.

If Band 4 is the “Air Cover“, Band 5 is Special Ops (see Band Model).

In Band 5, you basically have algorithms of various kinds that are “sniffing” the databases looking for special situations that have exceedingly high ROMI.  Often, these ideas deal in one way or another with high value customers that appear to be dis-Engaging; many of these scenarios related to Marketing, Service, or Product in one way or another.

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