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Social Media Questions

I have some questions on social “media” prompted by Mike’s post and in particular the comments the post received.

First, can we please agree that social applications and social media are different ideas that sometimes happen together?  I think creating this difference would dramatically help the social discussion along by focusing it and making sure people understand exactly what is being discussed in context.

Now, I suppose you could argue that the comments, pods, and so forth are “media”, to which I would ask, then what is your definition of Content?  You can’t have it both ways.  If Comments are Content, how about Social Content and Social Media as two different ideas?

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Free Mulch

So this over 50 foot long,  Y-shaped branch falls on our house and blows a hole through the roof (click pictures to enlarge).

Bottom of branch

For those of you not familiar with summer in Florida, this is a bigger deal than you might think.  First off, it rains hard almost every day.  A hole in your roof is a serious problem in terms of the potential for a lot of interior water damage.

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