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Inside WAA Certification: Any Questions?

The WAA has published a lot of info about the new WAA Certification Exam; you might want to first read the FAQ and take a look at the application information and Exam Handbook for the organizational details, and you can see sample questions from the Test at the bottom of the page here.  But something I can just about guarantee about the Certification – no matter how much info the WAA publishes about it, many people will still have questions!

So here, I will attempt to answer other kinds of questions I think people might have based on my discussions with WAA members.

Update: The WAA has answered many Certification questions here.

However, I’m going to approach this topic a bit differently than most of the published documentation – from a Product / Marketing perspective, rather than an Educational / WAA POV.  I can do this because (if you don’t know) I have worn all the hats on this project – developer, marketer, WAA project owner – and I think it might be helpful to tell the business story of the WAA Certification, from the bottom up.

And if you have other questions, feel free to leave them in Comments and I will do my best to answer them!

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eMetrics “ShootOuts” We’d Like to See

I was in Vancouver for a presentation to CAUCE [kay-yoose, thanks Raquel] and was able to grab a quick dinner with fellow WAA BaseCamp stakeholders Andrea Hadley, Raquel Collins, and Braden HoeppnerWe’re rolling out a new 2-day format for BaseCamp and got to talking about web analytics education in general. 

We started talking audience segmentation and content at the eMetrics Summit, and specifically the “shootout” format from the old days.  You know, 10 vendors on the stage at the same time taking questions from the audience.  Those sessions were both educational and hilarious at the same time, as the vendors side-swiped each other on topics like accuracy, how visitors are counted, cookie structures, and so forth.

But that was back when the technology was in flux, and now that issue has settled down a lot.  Braden brought up the concept of returning the “shootout format”, but more on the business side.  You know, get some practitioners, vendors, and consultants up on stage and have them thrash out stuff like:

1.  Attribution – does it really make sense to even bother with attribution at the impression / click level when there is often not a strong correlation to profit?  I mean, just because someone sees or clicks on an ad does not mean the ad had a positive effect; in fact, it may have had a negative effect.  Why not go straight to action or profit attribution, instead of using creative accounting?

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Marketing Science (Journal)

As I said in the Heavy Lifting post, I think the Web Analytics community is becoming increasingly insular and should be paying more attention to what is going on outside the echo chamber in Marketing Measurement.  I also think the next major leaps forward in #wa are likely to come from examining best practices in other areas of Marketing Measurement and figuring out how they apply to the web.

For example, did you even know there is a peer-reviewed journal called Marketing Science, which calls itself “the premier journal focusing on empirical and theoretical quantitative research in marketing”?

Whoa, say what?

This journal is published by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, and articles are the work of premiere researchers in visitor and customer behavior from the best known institutions around the world.  In case you didn’t know, “peer-reviewed” means a bunch of these researchers (not including the authors, of course) have to agree that what you say in your article is logical based on the data, and that any testing you carried out adhered to the most stringent protocols – sampling, stats, test construction, all of it.

And, most mind-blowing of all, they show you the actual math right in the article – the data, variables, formulas, graphs – that lead to the conclusions they formulate in the studies.  You know, like this:

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doterati Event 12/10

Speaking of the NCDM show, old friend Sally Krumholz, who I knew through the Internet Oldtimers Foundation, has convinced me to do a gig while in Orlando.  I’ll be speaking to (the?) doterati, Central Florida’s interactive marketing, media and technology association Weds 12/10 at 6 PM.  Details here.

The topic is What Can Web Analytics Do for You?  Not the advanced class for sure, this presentation is really about moving from Reporting to Analysis – aligning KPI’s with business goals and taking action on the data.  Sally figures that’s about the level the average doterati member is at – they run reports, but they’re too busy doing everything else to really get into the KPI and Action phase.

Of course, I’ll also let them know about the Yahoo Web Analytics list, the WAA, the UBC / WAA courses, the books, etc.

But, if you’re a web analytics Pro, there still may be a reason to stop by – I hear this event may be a warm up for the area’s first Web Analytics Wednesday.  So a strong WA Pro showing would help push that idea along, if you’re interested.

Hope to see ya there!

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NCDM Show – you going?

Next week I will be moderating a panel at the NCDM show. 

Don’t know NCDM?  If you’re a web analyst interested in what happens in BI from a Marketing perspective, this is the show for you – National Center for Database Marketing

I’m moderating a “shootout” panel titled Web Analytics Solutions Showdown: How Do You Measure Customer Engagement? with panelists Barry Parshall from WebTrends, John Squire from Coremetrics, and David Kirschner from Omniture (Jon Gibson / ClickTracks had to drop out).

No right or wrong answers for this session, mostly a demonstration of how different WA platforms approach the challenge of “Measuring Engagement” differently.  Just tell us what you believe “Engagement” is and how it is measured with your tool using a case study.

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Webcast on Web Intelligence 11/19

Speaking of Web Intelligence, if you are interested in experiencing what the world of web analytics looks like when it meets Business Intelligence, the WAA and our Certificate partner for Web Intelligence, UC Irvine, are doing a Free webcast on this topic. 

Jim Humphrys has the research on salaries and demand in the sector, Shaina Boone of Critical Mass is the practitioner who has both taken the Certificate classes and is applying this knowledge in the real world, and Bernie Jeltema is a UCI Instructor for the Certificate classes.

Here’s the official description:

UCI Webinar: Certificate in Web Intelligence
Wednesday 19-Nov-08 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM EDT

Web Intelligence is a combination of web analytics and business intelligence. As companies expand their reach into the global marketplace, the need to analyze how customers use their web sites to learn about products and make buying decisions is becoming increasingly critical for survival and success.  Wondering how to position yourself for these career opportunities and how specific coursework can be valuable?  This planning session will provide pre-registration educational and career advancement advisement. Also learn more about the web intelligence certificate program, courses being offered in upcoming quarters, and career planning resources available through the UC Irvine Extension and the University of British Columbia, Continuing Studies

  • Jim Humphrys, WL Gore, co-chair, WAA Research Committee
  • Shaina Boone, Critical Mass
  • Bernie Jeltema, Instructor in Business Intelligence, consultant in field
  • To register visit: http://unex.uci.edu/certificates/it/web_intel/

    On this page, you can either sign up to “Stay Informed” about the program (green bar) or Register for the webcast in the box below this bar, which is called Web Intelligence Education Planning Session.

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    See Ya @ eMetrics

    I’ll be speaking at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit on Wednesday, October 22 at 1 PM after lunch with the Summit Advisory Council.  How is it that I get scheduled in that “after Council” speaking slot every year?  Jim Sterne must not want me hanging with the Council too long…

    I’ll be speaking about LifeCycle analysis and providing “how to act on the analysis” for the Marketing side.  If you are being asked to cut back Marketing budgets, LifeCycle analysis is a great way to understand the Financial ramifications of Marketing budget cuts and start getting Predictive.

    Coming in on Tuesday so will miss the WAA event on Sunday for the first time.  On the flip side, I will be there through Friday afternoon ’cause I am presenting at the WAA Board meeting. 

    So, for the first time since probably 2004, I will actually be there when the shindig closes.

    Who’s doing what Thursday night?

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    Consensus Learning Model

    My question about whether you learned anything at SES or not didn’t get much reaction.  I suspect the answers were polarized, with half the people thinking “not really, I go there for other reasons” and the other half thinking “of course I did”.

    Answers to that question might have been helpful, but…

    What I’m really questioning is this: How do people in the web space learn what they learn?  Associated questions are:

    1.  Has quantity eclipsed quality as a yardstick for the success?

    2.  Implications for Teachers / Course Developers of the answer to #1

    There are also some serious implications for “Web Marketing” adoption (in all forms) by the broader Marketing community buried in the above.  To me, this is not unlike the “CRM Problem”, where for years (and still) people confused the Technology solution with the Marketing potential, which set CRM back a decade.

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    WAA Certified Web Analyst

    The Education Committee of the Web Analytics Association is pleased to present the Knowledge Required for Certification document to the Web Analytics community for comment.  This document contains a detailed overview of what a candidate should know and be able to do to pass the Web Analytics Association Certification Test:

    Knowledge Required for Certification Page

    The document is available as a 37 page PDF or you can view it online as a series of web pages organized around core topics:

    Site Optimization
    Marketing Optimization
    Analytical Business Culture

    Feedback on this doc is welcomed on the WAA Blog post for the document; you do not have to be a WAA member to leave a comment.  An overview of the Certification Test project and projected timeline info are provided here.

    We’re hoping to do a trial run of the Certification Test at the eMetrics Optimization Summit this fall in DC to uncover problems and issues, with actual testing to begin some time in 2009.

    Many thanks to the more than 60 WAA member volunteers who worked on the various projects that have resulted in this document, including the development of the WAA / UBC Courses.  You don’t have to take the Courses to sit for the Certification Test, but all the Knowledge Required to pass the Certification Test is covered in the 4 WAA / UBC Courses.

    Any comments or questions about the document itself (what is or is not included, for example) or the WAA Certification in general should be posted to the WAA blog rather than here.

    Frankly, I’m relieved this document has finally been published!

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