Advanced Customer Marketing Articles

The following articles are not part of the introductory Drilling Down method tutorial, they cover advanced topics for specific circumstances.  If you would like a more in-depth view into the “how to” of customer retention and loyalty programs, go ahead and read them.  

Note:  Some terms and concepts used in the following articles may be unfamiliar to you; for background information on Customer Marketing measurement techniques you might want to take the tutorial: Comparing the Potential Value of Customer Groups.

You can also review a backgrounder on this approach to modeling customer behavior.

Recency: The Web Retailing Example

Case Study: Non-Profit Scores 192% Increase in ROI using RFM Model

Latency: The B2B Software Example

Latency: The Hair Salon Example  

RFM versus Predictive Modeling  

Lifetime Value, I’d Like to Introduce You to the CFO

Extending the Customer LifeCycle

High ROI Latency Promotion

Making Money with the Customer LifeCycle: Latency Profiles

Customer Retention and Modeling in the High Ticket / Durable Goods Business

Behavioral and LifeCycle Modeling in the Utility / Telecom / Insurance Business

Making Money with the Customer LifeCycle: Customer Latency

Making Money with the Customer LifeCycle: Trip Wire Marketing

Save Money Marketing to One-Time Buyers

Use Recency Metrics to Make More Money on Your Promotions

Micro versus Macro Analytical Approach to CRM

“Pre-CRM” Testing Techniques – Determining Potential for Marketing ROI Before You Buy

How To Measure Future Customer Value and Manage it with High ROI E-mail

Tracking the Potential Profitability of B2C CRM Implementations

Measuring Customer Retention in Online Retailing

True Marketing Campaign ROI Links to LTV (Lifetime Value)

Measuring Customer Loyalty 
(Recent Repeater model)

Customer Response, Retention and Valuation Concepts (RFM model)

Customer Lifecycles

Calculating LifeTime Value (LTV)

Calculating Return on Investment (ROI)

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