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Marketing Jump Ball

Marketing Accountability.

Brand is what you do, not what you say

Marketing Alignment.

Here are 3 free webinars you might want to take advantage of.  You might not agree with these opinions, but hey, it’s a good idea to get out of the echo chamber once and awhile, don’t you think?  Try these online sessions for a little brain stretching:


Moving Marketing From “The Money Spenders” to The Money MAKERS
April 15, 2009  noon ET    Jonathan Salem Baskin, Jim Sterne, Jim Novo

With 10% of marketing executives being perceived as strategic and influential by the C-suite there’s clearly a crisis of confidence.  I’ve mentioned Jonathan’s blog and book before and here’s a chance to hear a bit of the inside story.  You’ll learn how to exceed expectations of both C-suite executives and customers, neutralize political feuds by organizing cross-departmentally, and how to stop thinking like a reporter and start acting like an advisor


Everything They’ve Told You About Marketing Is Wrong
April 21, 2009   1pm ET  Ron Shevlin

Are you sick and tired of reading the same old blah, blah, blah, from the so- called marketing experts who just tell you stuff you already know? Then you need to attend this session as the grumpy old man cuts through the morass of bad advice and introduces you to the must-dos in the new world of marketing.  I know Ron personally (as in offline) and even if you disagree, you will be entertained.


What Online Marketers Can Teach Offline Colleagues (and vice versa)
May 19, 2009  noon ET     Kevin Hillstrom, Akin Arikan, and Jim Novo

A WAA event, open to both members and non-members.  Web analysts are not the first to grapple with multiple channels.  Traditional marketers have always had to illuminate customer behavior across stores, call center, direct mail, etc.  So, rather than reinventing the wheel in each camp, what proven methods can you teach each other?  Three different but aligned approaches on solving the multichannel puzzle, should be something for everyone here.


Take your brain out for some exercise, will ya?


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Heavy Lifting

Another eMetrics (Toronto) has passed and I have to say this:  Web Analysts and Marketers proved once again they are up to the task of continuously improving the Productivity of their efforts!

At the same time, (and as I expressed during the sessions on the analytical culture), I fear that many in the web analyst community are becoming very “inwardly focused”.  They tend to talk more among themselves about the pennies they are making / saving while tripping over the dollars that are right there to be had if they reached out to other analytical disciplines in the company or measurement community.

Many among us knew this was a danger from our BI experiences.  If all you ever do is talk to each other about new shiny objects, your contribution to the business effort can suffer.  BI struggles every day with this weight, the challenge of being labeled “really smart but irrelevant”.  I don’t think we want this to happen to WA.

So with this backdrop, some of the conversations I heard at eMetrics Toronto about certain measurement practices were disturbing.  For example, it seems very few people are measuring their customer contact efforts properly, and in time this lack of analytical rigor is going to damage the WA effort for all practitioners.

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