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Profiling Library Customers: Update

Jim answers questions from fellow Drillers
(More questions with answers here, Work Overview here, Index of concepts here)

Another update: Robert, the questioner in this case, has pulled it off!

Read the study here (download PDF).  Very interesting conversion of RF profiles into a more visual format.

Also see dynamic visuals from the study here:

and more video here:

Indeed,  higher than expected numbers of low  recency users were found in some larger libraries but not others.

Which begs the next question, Why?

I doubt it is demographics – they get blamed for lots of things, but generally don’t control this kind of behavior across large sample sizes like this.

*Something* must be causing an effect like that – Service? Facility? Selection?

If reasons can be found, Robert is on his way to “optimizing” the library system.

Then …


Q: Jim, thanks for bringing my marketing inability to a wider audence!! I’d be interested in responses you get from people doing similar work.

Just to keep you up to date on this project, we have had an amazing amount of interest from library senior management, local managers and library assistants based on my preliminary work with the data based on your methods. Interesting to see a team that is setting up / running a corporate call centre and CRM system have found out about this work and want to talk me about it – especially interesting as I work in a completely different part of the organization.

The only problem we have now is getting the data we require from our IT department. Hopefully this will be coming this month, and if you don’t mind, I’m sure I’ll be contacting you for further advice.

A: Hmm, there’s that IT thing again! Keep us in the loop, Robert!


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