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Relationship Marketing in Manufacturing

The following is from the February 2009 Drilling Down Newsletter.  Got a question about Customer Measurement, Management, Valuation, Retention, Loyalty, Defection?  Just ask your question.  Also, feel free to leave a comment. 

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Q:  Do the principals in the Drilling Down book apply to manufacturing?  I was first introduced to Relationship Marketing in an MBA course years ago.  I have been looking for an opportunity to test these ideas and now find that chance in this job (I was and still am a foot soldier, but now have more responsibility in these areas).  

Manufacturers typically look at the highest revenue-producing customer, then pull out the manufacturing directory and start calling every company in the same business.  Not really marketing.  Can CRM be used to mine the data we need to be predictive and focused on the value of customers and retention?

ASure, same core issues and metrics apply:

1. Retention: Identify best customers, determine order cycles, set up a report that tells you who “should have” ordered but did not based past on past history, either market to them or send this info to sales, depending on the value of the customer.

2. Recapture / Defection: Identify best customers who have stopped purchasing and find out why, take action aligned with the value of the customer.  You may not get these customers back, but you will learn critically valuable information that will help you retain customers in the future – is there reason in common why these customers left you?  Was there a common Salesperson?  A common Product line?  A common type of Machine used?  A common Material?  Take these findings back into Operations and find out if the issue can be corrected.

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