*** From Failing to Thriving

Looks like 1-to-1 Magazine has decided to unlock some of their archives, maybe releasing them to search after the next issue is published?  Who knows, but there was an important article on Failure published last month that is worth a read.

One of the major challenges the Analytical Culture faces is Fear of Failure; it’s just so uncool to fail in many companies today.  Yet some of the most spectacular wins often come after spectacular failures, and we have to teach managers that without Failure, there is no Learning Process.  Do it like they do at 3M and IBM, using the real stories of how failure went unpunished and was ultimately rewarded. 

You want the Analytics to free people, not have them seek out least common denominator “safe harbors” that have (perceived) immunity from failure.  I’m not sure many folks get how important this cultural issue is; if you don’t address it, the Analytics can actually make you worse off as people avoid risk by satisficing.

Check out the article here, more from me on this topic here.

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