** Customer satisfaction falls despite call center efforts

SearchCRM (TechTarget) tells us in this article that satisfaction is falling because it is being measured more accurately.  Then they go on to say that most call centers use lousy, non-strategic metrics to measure performance.

I’m confused.  Perhaps call centers are being too nice to customers but can’t measure the negative effects?

2 thoughts on “** Customer satisfaction falls despite call center efforts

  1. Jim, I made the same comment in my CRM Spanish blog… call centers world wide still have too many call center specific metrics and very few customer-centric metrics… call centers and other customer channels need to include customer value metrics in order to improve customer satisfaction …

  2. Linking call monitoring to customer satisfaction is something that very few call centres have done. Most call centre managers assume their call monitoring is helping them achieve or improve their customer satisfaction performance. They don’t link their call monitoring results with their customer satisfaction results. The call monitoring practices we see tend to focus on the things that are important to the organization such as, handle time, adherence to a script or call standards. At best, scoring is done with equal importance over the opening of the call, handling of the call and closing of the call measures. What is typically over looked is the resolution of the customer’s inquiry which is by far the most important factor that determines customer satisfaction.

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