*** Selling Generators on the Web – Using Radio?

It can’t be very easy to sell $5,000 electric generators on the web, but it sure is a lot easier if you’re a clever marketer.  You see, weather is local, so is radio, and guess which media source most people pay attention to when the power goes out?  Right.  Check out this very slick idea brought to us by Internet Retailer.  That’s one productive marketer.

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3 thoughts on “*** Selling Generators on the Web – Using Radio?

  1. Yea, but do they all track storms and advertise on local radio stations based on where the power is out?  By e-mailing a radio spot to the station?  My point was not that people are selling generators on the web, but that one guy (at least) is being very creative with the marketing execution.  Don’t you think?

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